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I made this project last year but only posted as an option in the comments to another cookie.

This is another option to make a Christmas Tree of cookie cards (my November tutorial  2017 here on Cookie Connection.)

I added two stories to get a massive Advent Calendar (the structure is about 45cm tall). I filled each of the (24) windows with treats and decorate the tree top window with a star.

The structure was out for almost a month, so nobody ate the cookies (I know, it was a waste). Using the stencils (here by @Kat Rutledge-ibicci) to decorate the cookies not only was a time saver, but this way I avoided to waste (also) royal icing to flood and I saved time to decorate almost 45 cookies. The idea triggered from another stencil which I didn’t own last year. I wanted  to remake this project this year, but I have made so many cookie trees that I will find a way to think to another project featuring that inspiring stencil, that now I own.


I then made little triangular royal icing grids to cover each windows in the structure and I added a Christmas bauble transfer with a number on each one (the numbers are made with sprinkles)


IMPORTANT TIP: It would be easier to glue the grid to the structure BEFORE piping the “snow” all over the structure!!!... but the idea to close each windows with a grid came right after I piped the snow!

To release the treat, just push the Christmas bauble with your finger and the window will break... 24 chances to break a transfer and be happy about that!!!😄😄😄



Images (3)
  • Royal icing transfer grids: Manu
  • Detail: Manu
  • All the cookie stenciled (stencil by Ibicci): Manu
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carouselselsel posted:

Wow, this is an advent calendar I wouldn't want to eat for sure. Amazing!

Thank you Zara @carouselselsel! Yes, I love the naked stenciled cookies, but you know, after being in display for almost a month it got dusty...

swissophie posted:

A fabulous idea, Manu! It would be so much fun for little kids to stick their fingers into a window to break it, and retrieve the treats! Love that stencil, too!

Yes, I am sure little kids would have fun to break it! Last year I broke all the windows, as my kids are young adults and live far away. It was so satisfying to break the royal icing on purpose by pushing on the bauble! ... I had so much fun but I saved the treats for my kids though!

Sweet Prodigy posted:

I like this one. And I'm all for breaking royal icing transfers!

😂😂😂 I know you are! Although I would surely think twice before breaking one of yours! 💙

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