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Baby Dinosaur

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My client looked at one of my older dinosaur cookie sets and picked a couple of those cookies that she wanted to include in her order. The upper left hand cookie is one of Sweet Sugarbelle's designs that was made several years ago. It's adorable!! You can see this design at As I was browsing various dinosaur cookies for baby showers I saw a technique on YouTube for the scales on a dinosaur and thought they would be adorable for the blue dinosaur in this set. You can see the detail on this technique at minute 10:17 on the link to the video. I contacted Rachel McCrary of Rock City Cookies to ask for her permission to use this technique. She was most gracious in kindly giving her consent.

I haven't received a lot of dinosaur cookie requests but always enjoy making them .

@Zeena posted:

So very cute cookies Carol @Cookies Fantastique. I love every detail about it. I bet your clients were thrilled. Be safe.

Oh Zeena  @Zeena, thank you so much for your kind comment. It's really sweet of you.  ❤❤❤ Hugs..

These are really adorable, Carol.

Thank you dear Christine @Sweet Prodigy! I really appreciate you taking a few moments to comment!! You're always beyond kind!! Hope you are well My friend ❤❤❤Hugs...

Another example of your infinite creativity my dear Carol !! These cute dinosaurs are just as beautiful as your flowers or houses ...Totally cute, Carol!! I love these! @Cookies Fantastique ❤️😘

Your kindness dear Gabi @Icingsugarkeksis always an encouragement to me! Thank you my dear friend for your sweet words. I hope you are doing well sweet Gabi ❤❤❤ Hugs...

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