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Gingerbread House by Bev Hansen
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #43

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Firstly...I did it wrong!  I thought I was posting all of my pictures to one clip, but I think I made 14 clip posts of the same project. >__<  I'll see if I can delete those other 13 pictures and will add them here.  Very sorry!  (Can you tell it's my first post....? lolz)

Sooo, our house looks very much like this project - brown and a wee bit ugly.  So ugly, it's kinda cute.  (Is that a thing? lolz)  This was my first ever gingerbread house--many other firsts as well.

I used royal icing for the light strings, snow, "glue" for mini sandwich cookie roof shingles and path cookies, window sills, animal tracks, and front door.  I used isomalt for all of the windows, the big tree, the back panel wreath, and snowflake.  I used fondant for a small bow on the wreath.  Many lessons were learned as I went along, and I will definitely practice.  I also painted the royal icing door blue with ChefMaster metallic blue.  I painted all of the "lightbulbs" with ChefMaster metallic food gel colors (gold, green, red, and blue).

2020 is an unusual year for me and my family in many respects.  It was my first year of business for my own bakery, which is doing well, but slightly overshadowed by the pandemic, however, I'm grateful for the love and strength our family flourished in while hunkering down at home.  While our house may be a wee bit ugly, it is filled with light and love, and hopefully eminates some positivity outward regardless of its appearance. <3


Happy Holidays!  I wish you a prosperous New Year too!


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Wonderful work Bev. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and all of the details you provided. You definitely captured what you were trying to achieve. The warmth and love shines through!

Welcome to your first challenge, Bev! Well done! I love how you pushed yourself with so many techniques! And that chocolate-y Oreo roof is making me hungry!

Your gingerbread house looks wonderful! I love some of the clever and creative techniques that you used to create the decorations, especially the metallic gel colors for the lights and front door. And I especially love the little details like the animal tracks on the walkway. It adds life to your gingerbread house, which looks cozy and charming – and filled with light and love.

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