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Birthday Horses
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #27

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A last minute entry to the Practice Bakes Perfect challenge!

So I officially hate this set. It was way more difficult to decorate than I had thought, and I encountered so many issues that I won't even start. And I'm disappointed with my design and the results, especially for the effort that went into making them.

Still. The set is a birthday set for my lovely, horse-obsessed daughter who is turning four and is having her first party with friends. She asked for "real, not make-believe horses" and "red with polka-dots".

The circles were piped free handed with thick-ish outlining consistency, and flooded with medium-thick icing - I didn't want it to bleed into my polka dots. I really, really tried to control my impulse to nudge and correct my outlines when flooding, which resulted in a nice improvement of final results. And my cookies were way more circular and way flatter than my first try, which did help. BUT I still stuck my fingers in no less than three cookies out of fifteen, so no improvement on that count.

Still working on it, better luck next time!

I cannot believe you "hate" this set of cookies!  They are absolutely delightful! And, on top of it, you made some pretty kick-a** circles there! Maintaining the shape of your circles while adding those wet-on-wet dots is also impressive. I do not think you could have done that if you had used one-consistency icing and immediately flooded after outlining, as I usually do. Overall, I's say you gave your daughter exactly the cookies she asked for AND did a fine job with the requirements of the challenge - a win-win in my book!  

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