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Watch-Learn-Create Challenge #57

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hello girls! Here I show you my second entry of the challenge. Well yes, quite a challenge for me with the making of these buttons. I am a fashion designer by profession and I remember perfectly that when I was studying they made me make a sample of embroidered buttons, hence the idea of making them with Manu's technique, I made a cookie presenting the idea of a card selling buttons, I made some traditional oval-shaped buttons, and I made the perforation with an electric nail filer that I bought precisely for my cookies, I have it for exclusive use for food, and with it I made the perforation, I also use it for details in my cookies. The truth was that it was quite a challenge for me because I wanted them to all look the same and with a uniform icing. I had always made buttons with fondant but thanks to Manu's technique I realized that there are more options to make them and to be able to work with them than the others. shapes you want. thank you so much! and to continue learning to continue creating beautiful and original cookies.IMG20240604214632IMG20240606233756IMG20240607094411IMG20240607102425


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Wow Yazz, this is amazing! You went into town with your creativity and originality. Such a wonderful entry, dear friend. Congratulations!♥️

Oh thanks so much dear friend! ❤️🌸🌸🌸

Such a wonderful and creative idea dear Yazz @Yazz Ross!! I just love the various ideas you incorporate into your beautiful cookie art. Your work is always unique and done to perfection, my dear friend ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...

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