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Cherry Cheesecake Cookie
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #39

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Technics I used: painting, 3D work, royal icing mediun consistency. High frutose corn syrup for the pie filling and modeling paste for the cherries. The pie crust was made with tan royal icing and crushed sugar cookies.

I'm proud of my little cute cherries, and that I bit procastination just in time. Blame the pandemic...🙄🙄🙄

What I would do different is maybe pretend the cheesecake was cut by a sugar cookie fork, creating a cut slice.

I learned that high frutose corn syrup is very tricky and has a mind of it's own on certain projects. It pretty much decided were the cherries would go and got dry very quick, made me run throug the house like a mad wonan trying to take pictures before it moved to fast.


Images (4)
  • Creating the pie crust with tan RI and crushed sugar cookie.
  • Covering the 3D cookie with royal icing
  • Making the cherries with modeling paste.
  • Painting

Your cherry cheesecake is convincingly realistic. Your pie crust is the perfect color and consistency; the texture of your cheesecake is spot-on; and I love the way you have created and styled your cherry filling - especially the way it drips down the side. Also, the way you have constructed your pie shape was also very clever. This is a perfect example of why progress shots are needed to convince us that what we are looking at is not the real thing.

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