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Stained Glass Butterflies
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #42

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Oh Lord, I'm in trouble, I didn't copy all the rules about posting this. And I've looked all over, including the drop down menu with Contests and can't locate them.  I believe it was #42 so I'm making a stab at it and hope when I re-enter the site, they will pop up initially so I can come back and correct this post.  Also I know how to use tags, but it says I need to use clip sets or categories, so I need to figure that out as well.  Sheez.  I'll learn, it just take me time!!

Lovely first entry, @Karen Stanley! Well done!

Also, to address the question you raised: The challenge rules can always be found in the blog, or by clicking on the "enter now" graphic on the home page, which will take you to the related blog post with rules. Also, challenge entries always need to go in the "Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge" clip set to be officially entered (and to ensure that the "judges" actually see the entry); not in "Site Submissions", which is for banner/background art submissions. Entries can go in other clip sets, but it's key for them to go in the Practice Bakes Perfect one so they are not overlooked. I added this photo to that clip set for you, but keep this in mind for next time!

What beautiful stained glass butterflies Karen @Karen Stanley! I love all the wonderful detail on your butterflies and the colors are so vivid and gorgeous. Perfect for this challenge. Awesome work my dear ❤️❤️ Hugs...

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