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Cookie Beads

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Inspired by frosted glass beads are these butter cookies filled with Nutella and decorated with marzipan. To make it easy, I photographed the order of the works ...



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  • Instructions cookie beads: icingsugarkeks

Wow Gabi, this is amazing! Thanks for your tutorial and all the tips you generously shared! They look beautiful and SO delicious too! Did you pour isomalt over them? Great work, dear  @Icingsugarkeks!👏👏🥰

 Wow Gabi!!! These sound like a lot of fun to make. They're beautiful and wonderfully colorful. I particularly appreciate all the photos with explanations given for each step in the process. Thank you @Icingsugarkeks for taking the extra time to take the process pictures 🤗.

 Awesome idea my dear friend ❤❤❤. Lots of hugs coming your way!!

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