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Cookie Lady
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #50

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Challenge 12 – People.  This challenge turned out to be much more fun than I anticipated.  The challenge highlighted detailed drawings of people to stick figures and everything in between.  The biggest challenge for me was to stretch myself but not stretch too far into details for which I simply don’t have the skill set. Features are absolutely not my strong suit! I first drew my cookie lady with edible marker.


As you can see, I immediately corrected a few areas.  I was able to correct even more when I filled in the icing.  When I filled in the apron, I forgot to leave space for cookies on the plate.  So, I ended up doing the plates of cookies as royal icing transfers.  That turned out better because it provides some dimension.  When I filled in the background, I accidently left a significant gap on one side of the hair. (I think I need glasses!)  Fortunately, I was able to add another layer of hair, which also gives some dimension.  I drew the face features with edible marker touched up the visible skin with compressed powder.


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Wow, the proportions of your cookie lady are spot on. Even her pose is perfect. Those cookie transfers are what really bring this image to life!

Thank you Christine.  I practiced quite a bit on paper ahead of time - working specifically on proportions and pose.  Both are a consistent challenge for me.  I was shaking when I finally drew on the cookie.  I felt like I was performing open heart surgery!😂

I like your icing transfers! ❤️ These catch the eye and I would imagine it was a good thing you forgot to draw them... Beautiful dear Lisa!  @LisaF

Thank you Gabi!  I do enjoy a mistake that works out for the best!

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