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Cooking-Themed Cookies

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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Incredible!!! I love the vintage blue and white with small intricate details and you've done it to perfection! Beautiful work

Thank you so much♥♥♥Very glad♥♥♥

pip posted:

Talk about impressive, they're beautiful.   Did you write the script freehand?   What inspired you to create these?  Remarkable work. 

  • Thank you for comment. Very glad♥I draw it on the cookie after making a sketch on paper.
LauraD posted:

Any hints on how these were done?  Very beautiful but as a beginner it's kind of mysterious to me how these were decorated.


  • Thank you for comment.
    I was particular about blue to be finished in a favorite vintage style. With a dish as a slogan, I made it after I performed a sketch of a rose and a letter.