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Des Roses
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #16

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Bakerloo Station posted:

That burgundy color is exquisite, and the roses are gorgeous.  But will you share with us how you got that burnt paper effect?  It is amazing!

Thank you, sure I will. .. directly after removing my honey gingerbread cookie from the oven I applied a whole egg wash with brown gel I will  post picture of the naked effects.  When cool I  scraped a fairly thick layer of royal icing across the cookie feathering it out around the edges. Let dry overnight. Next I  shaded around the outside edge with brown food gel and speckled. I then came back with a liner brush and did a few lines with brown +black from  the edge of the cookie toward the center, randomly. Added some dry brushed luster dust colors to the background for interest. Painted the background leaves and vines. Finally a few leaves with RI  and added the roses. 


Images (1)
  • Egg wash with color,  slightly thicker for woodgrain effect
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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Such a beautiful and unique cookie Teri! Just love the cookie background treatment . I love your creativity and beautiful roses!!

Thank you,  appreciate you, hugs

Sweet Kaleo (LeeAnn Slauson) posted:

OH TERI!!!! My handwriting doesn't look that nice using pen and paper, how do you do it!!!? Once again, amazing!!!

Thank you LeeAnn,  lol, mine doesn't either

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