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Easter Wall Hanging
Whippersnapper design

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Originally Posted by Wildflower:
Adorable! Wow, by hanging this on the wall, you really are crossing that line between decorated pastry and art...

I am giving this to a friend that just found out she has breast cancer. It will be a Keepsake and she won't eat it. She has several of my Keepsake cookies framed in her home. Thanks I appreciate your likes always!


Originally Posted by Dana ~ Dana's Daydreaming Cookies:

Such an adorable design and beautifully handpainted! Such a sweet and special keepsake, for your friend to enjoy.

Thanks Dana!


Originally Posted by LilleKageHus:

I'm in love with this cookie. So brilliantly done, the colours are fantastic and it's cute as can be. Lovely work  

Thank you so much, it was fun to do for sure and I appreciate your like...