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Festive Autumn

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The cookies are decorated with fondant. The small leaves I designed from different materials. They are made from marzipan, caramel, chewy candy, isomalt and chocolate. The chewy sweets and caramel candy I have for 2-3 seconds in the microwave and then immediately rolled out and cut out. This results in a colorful selection of small decorative leaves.
I had so many pictures, here are other examples:P1230884ccP1230962b.P1230934cc


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  • festive leaf 2: icingsugarkeks
  • festive leaves 3: icingsugarkeks
  • festive leaf 4: icingsugarkeks

What beautiful, festive autumn cookies dear Gabi @Icingsugarkeks!!! I love how you photographed the cookies, too. Great angle! Love the colors and all the pretty flowers on top of the leaves...what a great touch. Awesome work, as always my dear friend ❤️❤️

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