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Five Little Czech Houses | Manu

Five Little Czech Houses | Manu
A cookie copy of a ceramic souvenir made by an artist from Bela nad Radbuzou, Czech Republic

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5 little Czech Houses

5 little Czech Houses. Manu

Love at first sight with these one-piece-ceramic little houses, hanging on the wall of my friend Rachel's kitchen. It is a handcrafted souvenir from Bělá nad Radbuzou, Czech Republic.
I had to cookiefy them... So this is not at all my design.

There is a story behind this souvenir:
Bělá nad Radbuzou is a village close to the German border, in an area that was liberated by the US Army at the end of WWII. Search the Internet for "Operation Cowboy" in then-Czechoslovakia, and read the story of the horses they saved too.
It was the unit that my friend's husband commanded that liberated that area so, when he was in command there, they were invited for a celebration marking the anniversary of the liberation and the mayor gave this souvenir to my friend Rachel. His interpreter was a teacher at the local school and one of her former students made it.

The only huge problem is that there isn't any watermark on the front or on the back, so I can't give attribution to the former student/artist/artisan who has made it! I searched the Internet/IG/Pinterest at my best, in English and Italian but I didn't have luck.

So, I decided to make an exact copy because I loved this object as it was perfect to cookie up, and because I thought this was the easiest way to aknowledge the artist, as hopefully somebody might easily recognize her work. I know how much thinking, planning and work there is behind an original idea!
If anyone does, please let me know so I can add attribution and link to the artist.

5 little Czech Houses. Manu

Julia, sorry for this novel, I did my best to credit her, but I am still not quite sure this post follows the guidelines of your site, as I posted someone else work even with the purpouse to give credit. So if you think that this is the case let me know and I will remove the whole post (cookies).
(By posting her work I didn't mean in any way to leave the responsability to find the artist to fellow members)


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  • 5 little Czech Houses. Manu
  • 5 little Czech Houses. Manu
  • 5 little Czech Houses. Manu
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KuKZ Cookie Cutters posted:

Awesome! Really looks like ceramic houses!  

Thank you Dmitry and Svetlana! Probably because they are painted and not flooded with tinted RI.

Dolce Flo posted:

Bella la storia e la realizzazione. ♥

Thank you, Flo. I fell in love with those houses. I see everything under a "cookie perspective" now!

Valerie J posted:

Very clever concept - love it

Thanks, Valerie. It is a clever concept (not mine, though). I wish I will find the artist. 

carouselselsel posted:

Oh Manu, I love them! They are perfect! And such an interesting story...Are you going to hang these on your wall now?  

Thank you Zara! I thought about it ... I wish to find the artist and order an original piece!

Last edited by Manu
Evelindecora posted:

Love this cookie set so much; amazing story, you have done a wondeful job! ❤️

Thank you, Evelin. The design is not mine but think I can accept (and I really appreciate) the compliments just about the cookies and the technique. I made this set after attending your class and followed your tips. 

Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

Manu, they are sooo cute.  I see them repeatedly but I cannot decide which house I want to live in.  

They look like a different kind of colorful mushrooms and each one of them has a peculiar design! That is why I loved them at first sight!

mintlemonade (cookie crumbs) posted:

So cute! I just remembered a small town I visited in Czech years ago. I can't remember the name though...

Serching the Internet I saw there's a famous street in Prague (which I haven't the pleasure to visit yet), with colorful houses. I don't know if it is a kind of tradition also in other Czech towns. But I am sure that it works well for houseshaped cookies.


mulberry_t posted:

Wonderful set, Manu, and I love the story! I'm sure the original artist would be thrilled to have his/her beautiful art appreciated by so many!! 

I hope she will. I did love her art. 

Olvik posted:
just I wanted to write, which is similar to ceramics and then I read the description )))awesome!!!

Yes you can't almost tell the different between cookies the souvenir!