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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #27

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For my second entry, I wanted to try another way to make my circles, to see if it was easier to pipe and flood perfect circles. I used my projector to project  perfect circles on my cookies. I start from the outside of the cookie to the middle, using only one consistency.  I don't think it made it easier because at some point, you are hiding the image with you hand. I sometimes use this technique to pipe a perfect circle on another shaped cookie and it helps a lot, but I don't feel the result is better (nor worse) than the circles I pipe and flood directly on the round cookies.  I find it harder to have perfect circles when the cookie is bigger, but I feel that as long as the image on the top is not another circle, you wont notice if it's not perfect. 

Again, this was an awesome challenge because it made me want to try something else I never did before: stamping! I used edible art paint on the stamps and I also painted with edible art when the stamping was dry. 


These are so gorgeous and so springy! I amnso hlad you got to not only practice your circles, but also fot try to out stamping for the first time! Looks to me like you are a pro at both already!

Mary Kay Bowser posted:

I love these! Can't believe they're stamped cookies!  The colors are absolutely beautiful. Wish I had been a fly on the wall when you created these beautiful things!

Thank you! 

I think I got a nice result with my stamping by painting it with edible art paint... it's less "smoochy" than airbrush colour. It dries quickly and then you just relax and enjoy adding colours!

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