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Frosted Wooden Cookies with Marzipan

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Frosted wooden cookies with marzipan

I know, I know Christmas is over...
But it's winter again for us! So I think these cookies are still appropriate for the season. They are gingerbreads that I made from leftover dough and marzipan.
(there is a very small part of black and white fondant in the marzipan. It colors a bit more beautifully than pure marzipan. Although, I love marzipan because the natural fat content gives it a nice shine when you take it out of the mold!!)



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You are such a talented and creative lady, dear Gabi! Lovely imprinted cookies, and they must taste so delicious!!♥️

Awww... I'm so blushing... My sweet friend Heather, Thank you so very much for this comment! ❤️ The cookies were really tasty. I just love marzipan, if only because of the taste. Big hugs to you dear Heather 🤗🤗  @Heather Bruce Sosa

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