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Ginger Snap, Crackle, & Pop
150 Cookies for Food Distribution

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I finished this week's donation early because of the holiday weekend.  I struggled a bit to find the right design.  I have a very nice firecracker cookie cutter but have found the design deceptively hard to decorate.  I won't post a picture of it because I don't want to cookie cutter shame but trust me.  So I decided to create my own design which was in some ways more enjoyable but also a challenge. 

I like how it turned out but I did struggle a bit with execution. (With 150 there were some winners and some losers!)  I used two separate royal icing transfers.  The base of the firecracker was much more fragile than I anticipated.  I'm happy I made so many extras because I definitely needed them.  

I'm still playing around with colors.  These colors dried a bit darker than I wanted.  I also went back and forth with the firecracker sprays being just red and blue or multi-colored.  I decided on the multi-colored because I thought it helped off-set the unintended darker shades of the base and, quite honestly, firecrackers are actually quite multi-colored!

The repurposed cookie cutter is an upside down pineapple, with the top leaves cut off.  I had it out from the brush embroidery challenge and it ended up working perfectly!

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