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As far as a tutorial . . . This is the only GB shoe I have made and not sure when the next will occur.  Your best bet is to watch Julia Usher’s Youtube videos for her 3D Christmas ornaments.  The process is basically the same.  If you visit my facebook page, Rocking Horse Sugar Décor, I have an album of several chocolate shoes I have made.  The chocolate mold comes in 2 halves.  I purchased material from and made silicon molds from my plastic chocolate molds.  The silicone material is kind of pricey, $25 per pound.  I needed a little less than 2 lbs to make the two shoe halves.  From there, I baked gingerbread over the silicon molds similar to Julia’s tutorial. As a side note,  I made the silicone molds solid, but think I could have made them "hollow" and could have gotten by with 1 pound of the material. As far as coating/coloring the gingerbread, it would be easiest to follow Julia’s video and do each half separately.  I elected to join the two halves first because I didn’t want a seam down the back of the heel that would need to be covered with decoration.  I filled the heel with melted isomalt thinking it would help strengthen the shoe.


 With the shoe as 1 piece, I had a hard time getting a smooth coating with royal icing.  After scraping the royal icing off a couple of times, I tried a glaze icing (powdered sugar, milk & corn syrup).  That worked a lot better and gave me the finish I was hoping for.  After that, it’s just a matter of decorating and filling as you wish.  Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions.  

GB Shoe in progress


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