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"Golden Forest Morning Light" Stenciled on a Cookie by Manu
Original art by Jennifer Taylor - Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #17

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PBP17 Deer2 7/2016 |Manu

PBP17 Deer3 7/2016 |Manu

This scene is not my design, but a stenciled copy on a cookie of the original art by Jennifer Taylor, an artist from Newcastle, UK.
I saw this picture on her IG and she has been so kind to let me use her design to be stenciled on this cookie, as "it sounded interesting", she said.

She makes beautiful colorful paintings representing nature, using watercolors and touches of ink and acrylic. I picked this one as it was easy to turn the design into stencils.
I reproduced the design though I couldn't reproduce the warm colors and the magic of "her own world".
Please have a look at her art on the Instagram @jennifertaylorart

Royal icing
Luster dust

•I looked at the depth of this painting and I saw 4 layers. So for each layer I cut a stencil with groups of trees, on 4 plastic sleeves. I took a picture of the all 4 together, hope it is clear.
I also made the stencil of the deer.
•I purchased the grass stencil and my watermark stencil. I think I would have got a better outcome with an airbrush (which I don't have yet), rather than royal icing... apologies to Belle and Kat.

15x21cm (half A4 paper)

Mini tut 1 |Manu 7/2016Mini tut 2 |Manu 7/2016Mini tut 3 |Manu 7/2016


Images (5)
  • PBP17 Deer2 7/2016 |Manu
  • PBP17 Deer3 7/2016 |Manu
  • Mini tut 1 |Manu 7/2016
  • Mini tut 2 |Manu 7/2016
  • Mini tut 3 |Manu 7/2016
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Chu-A-Cookie posted:

I love the earthy color tones you selected. Another stunning piece!

Thank you, Arlene. I think I picked the only painting with warm colors as she usually paints with cold colors (which are my favourites). When I saw it I noticed the grass and the space for my watermark (stencils I had already) and the rest was easy to stencil, once I divided the space in layers. Then I had that color tones of dust at home. It looks like a Fall scene, so not really in the current season, but I thought to make it anyway.

Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

Manu you are so clever making deer with three stencils.  

That because the legs in the back where supposed to be done with dust, to give depth, but I then I sponged them with some color. I wasn't sure to add the horns as the stencil looked difficult to make, but then I wanted to keep the original design.

Thank you for your compliment

Dolce Flo posted:

Bellissimo l'effetto di luce che hai ricreato!!


Grazie Flo, as I said I looked at the cookie and saw layers, the colors in the front were darker than the ones in the bakground. I was drawn to the warm colors of the original painting, but my orange dust didn't work out so well... I am very happy with the outcome though.

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Marimen posted:

I love it is sensitive

Fernwood Cookie posted:

I am IN LOVE!!!! 

Thank you Marimen, thank you Kerri.

It gives a sense of peace and silence. There are many other inspiring paintings in her IG with the forest, have a look: @jennifertaylorart

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

What a beautiful cookie Manu!!! I just love the scene and you've done a fabulous job with the stenciling . Love your work...

Thank you so much Carol! I still have issues with the RI consistency, but that it is all about practice...

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