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Hot Water Bottles with “Felt” Covers | Manu

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Hot water bottles with “felt” covers. I made them the size of a cookie which reminds me of a hand warmer. The felt effect is made with the stippling technique only: random dabs of flooding-consistency royal icing applied with a paint brush that create a texture similar to felt. Usually I prefer to sprinkle a coat of icing sugar over the texture because for a more realistic look (see my Cookie Connection tutorial here)

And here is a past version of these hot water bottles, with ugly sweater covers. I decorated each cover with the design of my past project tutorials.


And last, the original project tutorial: hot water bottle tutorial with “knitted”covers on Cookie Connection.

B90549D7-2A75-4806-BCB6-6935E211752C(Use of the logo Cookie Connection is courtesy and copyright of Julia M. Usher).


Images (2)
  • Hot Water Bottles With Ugly Sweaters: Design, Cookies and Photos by Manu
  • Hot Water Bothles with “Knitted” Covers: Design, Cookies and Photo by Manu
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I just love this technique Manu @Manu!! You truly create the look of felt with these cookies. The "stitching" around the hearts and top of the bottles is done to perfection. Beautiful work, as always my dear friend ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...

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