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A Video by Julia M Usher

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In this video, I show how to create lacy chocolate underliners for dressing up cookie plates, slices of cake, or whatever end-of-meal treat your heart desires! No complicated chocolate tempering required - just pipe and refrigerate.


If you'd like to see this video in all its HD* glory, along with linked annotations to other videos and tutorials, then please view it on my new YouTube channel here:


And if you like, please subscribe to my channel while you're there. Thanks!


* This site limits uploads to 100MB, which means that this video needed to be compressed to view here. Also, my site hosts will be introducing a custom thumbnail feature so that the first frame of each video doesn't need to be the default thumbnail! It's been annoying me that all my videos look the same at first glance though there is different content behind each. I'm not sure when this fix will get made, so in the meantime, you can see a snippet of what's behind this video below.




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  • Sample Chocolate Doily: Photo by Susan Jackson of Julia M Usher
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