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Cookies by Julia; Stencil Design by Julia in Partnership with Stencil Ease

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This week's video is all about my “Birthday Wishes” Prettier Plaques stencil set. Plus, I explain different airbrush-cleaning techniques that lead to distinct color-blending effects.

For the full video tutorial:
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Magadiuz posted:

Wow! That's a great tutrial, Julia. Really interesting, it makes me feeling like trying. 

Thanks! You should  - it's pretty fun and gratifying, mostly because it comes together so fast.

LisaF posted:

Gorgeous color combination.

Thanks! This weekend, I made it with the big flowers in shades of blue and the small ones in shades of purple, with some yellow accents and green for the leaves, and I think I liked it even better. So many possibilities!

Sherrie posted:

So pretty!  I just purchased three of your stencils.  They are so beautiful and unique!  I really love the prettier plaque sets!!

Thanks so much - I really do try to make them different than what's out there, so this is good to hear! I hope you enjoy them!

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