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MsInes posted:

HOMERUN!!!!!! Can you give us more information about the dimension of the cookie itself, and the rest of the items used here, please? How long did it take you? So, so pretty. I would not eat this cookie. I would put it under a dome, and keep it there to enjoy all day long. Thanks so much for sharing.


Hi! Of course! The cookie is 9 cm long. Some details are really small, gingerbread man cookies on the left are not more than 3 mm. I have piped everything apart on a plastic sheet using a Pme 1 tip for the food and a Wilton 3 for dishes and topcoating of the cookie. The day after I have 'built' the dessert table.

Diva posted:

I have never seen anything like this , your work is  beautiful and  lovely . Breath taking is the only  word I can use - I adore this cookie -  expertly done !!!!

Thank you Diva! So happy you apreciate my teeny tiny work

Merry Christmas! ❤️