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Monogram and Age Round Cookies

Monogram and Age Round Cookies

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The direction for this order was to keep the cookies simple, all round shaped, an artistic font for the letter A and reversing the colors blue and white to add some variety. At times it can be hard to know when the cookie is done . What I mean by that is that I love decorating cookies using several techniques and colors. I find it hard to put down that piping bag. LOL.

I wanted to add a bit of interest by creating 2 very different borders on some of the cookies. I used cheesecloth to smooth a flat border around the letter or number in same flood color. Then I added the outside bead border in the opposite color.  I liked the effect when it was done but definitely need to work on the cheesecloth border's back to practicing for this girl

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Oh, I love them so much! So simple, elegant and beautiful! Stunning combo.♥️

I understand you so much when you mention not knowing when to put down the piping bag🤭

Right on the mark Heather about knowing when to put down the piping bag. Lol. Thank you so very much for your sweet, kind words. I really appreciate your comments my dear Heather @Heather Bruce Sosa. It's wonderful to see you here on CC again. My visits sure have been hit or miss. God bless you my sweet friend Hugs...

@LisaF posted:

Very striking Carol!

Thank you so very much dear Lisa @LisaF!! You are always so kind. I saw your top 10 spotlight... so beautiful 😍.  I find stamping on cookies to be challenging  😋.  If you don't hold down the stamp firmly with even pressure, the stamp may not tien out right.. this has happened to me countless times. Your cookies look perfect!! 😍 Hugs...

very elegant! Love these! 💙💙💙

Thank you so very much dear Evelin @Evelindecora!! Your kind words are always encouraging to me. I deeply appreciate your friendship. Congrats on your Sat spotlight! Your work is always impeccable and gorgeous. Such a gift you have my dear friend ❤️  Hugs...

Gorgeous! I love the sharp contrast of the blue and white!

Thank you so much dear Christine @Sweet Prodigy!! I appreciate your thoughtful comment. I also love the contrast (client's direction, not my original idea LOL).

Carol, my dear friend, these looks sooooo festive an I love the the contrast between dark blue and white! Great and beautiful my friend!! @Cookies Fantastique ❤️

Thank you so very much dear Gabi!!! @Icingsugarkeks Your sweet, kind words are always an encouragement ❤️ ♥️ 💖.  I am so thankful for your dear friendship ❤️  Hugs...

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