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My Alice in Wonderland | Manu
European Cookiers Collaboration

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My entry to the first European collaboration. The theme was favorite book or story as kid. Check @cokierseurope, #eurocookiecollab and #favbookcookie on Instagram to see all the great entries.

I picked Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” because it was the first book with a message that I have ever received, and it is a keepsake now. It was the beginning of 1978, I was  in 3rd grade and I remember reading this big book before going to sleep. I tried to match what I was reading with the faded images of the Disney’s Alice I had watched only once, a couple of year earlier. John Tenniel’s Alice was so different and I didn’t really like his few black and white illustrations. 42 years later those illustrations are my favorite instead!


 I imagined a Tea Mad-Party, therefore my cookies are not laying on a tray as they should but they are standing. I wanted to watercolor them to represent faded memories. The outcome is evidence that I am not good at that because the cookies turned out so colorful, like they had been colored by a kid. . . which fit the theme.

I cookie-d the elements that more impressed me, like the tiny golden key forgotten on the top of the three-legged table, the “Bevimi” (drink me) bottle and the “Mangiami” (eat me) treat. Lillie, the lady who gave me this book was the only person from which I was allowed to accept treats without asking first to my parents. She prepared amazing cakes.

I left some cookies just flooded in white. ”qui siamo tutti matti” (We’re all mad here) took the shape of the grin of the Chesire cat cookie. “Non c’è posto!” (No room! No room!) was the best way to decorate the white cups. The cards cookies are the gardeners (2, 5, 7 of Spades) who painted the roses red. Then there is the topiary with the roses, half painted. The Mad Hatter hat and the clock were surely influenced by some images of the “recent” movie. The two crowned hearts are the Queen and the King of Hearts. 
The mushroom is a copy of a wooden-handpainted-mushroom-shaped piggy bank I had as a kid. The last thing I was seeing after closing the book and before turning off the light. The best way to represent the mushroom that made Alice grow or shrink. The cookie with the lettering Alice is there mainly to hide the “cookie holder”.


And if you made it ‘till here, the Alice cookie is me as a kid, tomboysh but in a cute dress. And guess what? I CAUGHT THE RABBIT!



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  • My Alice in Wonderland | Manu: European Cookiers Collaboration
  • My Alice in Wonderland | Manu: European Cookiers Collaboration
  • My Alice in Wonderland | Manu: European Cookiers Collaboration
  • My Alice in Wonderland | Manu: European Cookiers Collaboration
  • My Alice in Wonderland | Manu: European Cookiers Collaboration
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Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

I was wondering what you were making for the collaboration.   Wow, lots of work here, Manu. 

Thank you, @Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. Hand painting the cookies saved a lot of time, as I used only white icing. That was the best decision I made although at first I started to flood the hearts in red!  And now I really want to learn watercolor and apply it to cookies. So many memories and images came back. 

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Congrats on your entry into the European collaborate Manu @Manu biscotti decorati! I'm so excited for you to have created this theme with such beautiful detail. The story behind your entry is enchanting to me . Like every little kid, we all have our favorite books. Alice in Wonderland is also one of my most favorite!

The various components of the cards, tea cups (non c'e posto), the mad hatter with the clock and, of course, Alice (YOU), came together beautifully. You continue to amaze me with your creativity and talent.

Hugs my dear cookie friend ❤️❤️❤️

Oh, I looooove this entry so much!!! It is amazing! Each piece is so exquisitely made and the personal story behind it is very moving. Lillie has certainly engraved a huge mark in your heart. Thank you for sharing your talent and yourself with us!🥰

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