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Anne Marie Adams posted:

Now you're going to have to tell me how you did that it's out of this world

Resin mold pressed into Springerle dough then cut with cookie cutter. Air dried for 24 hours  before baking at a low temperature. Dense cake like texture. These delicacies date back to the 1600'stop and originated in  Bavaria, Switzerland and the Alsace area of France. 

spopek posted:

Love it. Are they hard to make with the molds.  Do you mind sharing where you got the mold or is it an antique?

Thank you,


This mold came from House on the Hill  before they quit selling to the public.  I  don't know where you would buy it now,  Fancy flours sells their molds now but I  haven't seen any of the larger molds on their site. 

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