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Pink Colored Dough Hearts (Cookie Celebration LLC)
Part of a previously posted set

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I am archiving some of my previously posted photos and this was part of a colored dough set I did this past year.  I remembered how much I loved working with the colored dough and what a nice element it added to this set without a lot of effort.  I then hand painted the backgrounds with a very light wash of colors and piped the minis and ultra minis as well.  Have to try this technique again.

And...if you want to see cookies made entirely out of cookie dough - no icing - check out Montreal Confections on Facebook. I haven't seen anyone do it better than she does when it comes to using colored dough so effectively.

Bakerloo Station posted:

Beautiful.  I TOTALLY have to try my hand at colored dough! This is so inspiring.

Thank you Christine!  It is fun, I have to say.  And I love that sometimes you just want to start piping without having to wait for icing to dry, this is the go-to technique for that!

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Oh Diane, I love this heart!! Great idea to color the dough Couldn't be more perfect for this design...hugs...

Thank you so much Carol.  I do love working with the colored dough and did not think I would.  XOXO

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