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Sewing-Themed Set
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #24

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Hi, @talia! First, congrats on this entry, and for it being one of your first posts to Cookie Connection! Welcome to the site, and what a great job! I love how this entry hangs together thematically, and also the fit of the yarn and thread on the cookies is just perfect. 

Just one posting detail: we don't like to have multiple versions of the same entry posted into our challenge clip set, as it makes it hard for judges to find and sort through the different entries later. If you have close-ups of your entry that you want to share in the future (as seemed to be the case this time), then it's best to attach them in a comment under your one entry.

This all said, I moved all of your close-up shots out of the challenge clip set, leaving your one entry there. The close-ups will remain on the site, but not in this clip set. If you also want to attach them under this entry, then please return to this entry and add them in a comment underneath. Thank you!

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Welcome to Practice Bakes Perfect! This is a wonderful addition to the challenge!  It is incredible hard to do three different cookies along the same theme, and these sewing cookies definitely fit the bill.  I like how you used the ends of the pieces of string and yard to follow the shape of the cutter.  Well done! 

Please forgive me for being so wrapped up in life not to notice it was YOU here! Talia, these are fantastic! And so cool as the theme of your first challange. Your mom made my wedding dress and you and your sister's dresses (as flower girls), so she must be sooooo proud of you (as am I) for this theme. I can't wait to see more of your work. Love and blessings, Aunt Kim.

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