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Cats on Circles
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #27: Wanted to slip in one more challenge set before Easter cookies consume me.

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This is my second entry for the PBP #27. If you haven't seen my first entry here is how I flooded my cookies. I use an icing that is a little on the thicker side so I can go right on the edge. I start about 8:00 on the cookie and go around clockwise.Then I quickly fill in the cookie. If there are any spots that are not right to the edge I use a scribe tool to push it to the edge. Circles used to be awful to me but I am getting better at consistency and outlining. Practice makes perfect....

Bakerloo Station posted:

I am so glad you feel like you are getting better with practice! Really, these circles are excellent. I am also a Crazy Cat Lady, so this set of cookies definutely makes me smile!

Thanks! I love cats...I have 10... I think that makes me a crazy cat lady too☺

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