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Ramen Noodle Cookie
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #39

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Hi, again, @E. Sherwood. You actually posted this challenge entry to our blog; for the future, challenge entries must go in our "Clips" section under the "Practice Bakes Perfect" clip set in order to be entered. Fortunately, I spotted your post on the blog (before the challenge closed) and moved it into the challenge clip set, so it is now officially entered!

However, our challenge host @Sweet Prodigy and I would much appreciate knowing a little more about the entry. For instance, which parts are cookie? What two (or more) techniques and mediums did you use? How did you create the solid vs. the liquid (broth) elements? These challenges are all about the learning, and we'd love to learn more from you!

P.S. In moving this entry from the blog to the Clips section, I lost the second "variation" photo you had posted, so please re-post it, along with any other work-in-process photos and comments that accompany this entry. THANK YOU! 

During this Covid pandemic one of the first things to be sold out in grocery stores near me was Mauchen Ramen Noodle Soup ( yes as quick as the toiletpaper!).  Clearly kids at home liked them as much as my son.  They could not be found anywhere for four weeks.  They became my inspiration.  I used Julia's gingerbread for the bowl, noodles, chopsticks, and ramen package.  I dipped in R.I., piped R.I., painted on R.I. with edible paints, molded fondant, and sanded the gingerbread.  I used yellow tinted corn syrup for the liquid/broth and green dyed shredded coconut for specks of onion.  I did not add any other things to the ramen because my son likes it "plain".  I learned that Julia's videos give great instructions and her gingerbread tastes good and is very strong.  I wish I had made the noodles smaller.  I molded the dough on a Corelle dish and baked dish and all in the oven.  My son gave me critiques all through the process and I loved having his input.  It was great fun.

This does not look like a cookie. You used some wonderful techniques and media to convince us of that, and I can see all of the thought that went into creating each detail. I would also add that molding and baking the cookie in a Corelle dish was a very clever idea. This is an excellent entry.

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