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Professor Anikó,

Ok! My English is also poor as the one by a translator, but I try to say something to you. Because it's so Wonderful of your works! I've visited your site and looked at many of your fine works. These are my ideals. You also have your class, don't you. I realy want to go to your town and learn your skills and technic. It became one of my dream. Now I'll try by myself. What means" fél kg" porcukor(powdered sugar, web translator taught me)? Thank you in avance.

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    • I'm so proud of your inquiry.
      My courses are in hungarian language. 
      My enlish is not perfect. But more foreigner are inquire about my courses. I'm learning english jargon therefore.
      I think, that I will have been ready in october, or november.
      I want to teach gingerbread, glasur, piping, icing... in engilsh for one person occasionally. You must come to it yourself to my course. 
      I give a note of instruction: receipes, acting...
      One course is 3 days. I will provide accomodation for 3 night for free, if you want. 
      You can bring someone with yourself, 
      But I live in a very nice place. Cserszegtomaj, in Hungary. Near 4-4 km Keszthely, and Hévíz. These are popular, draft of tourism. Look after Hévíz, it's great of wellness.
       I teach my little secrets! There are some confectioner, and certificated gigerbread makers too between my students. Everybody were satisfied what I've given them. 

    • I teach everything, what you see on my pages.

      Look me up, If you can!


      I really want do help you Midolly!


      My recipe: 1 kg floor, 0,5 kg powdered sugar, 215 g honey, 6 egg (315g), 18 g gigerbread spice, 18 g baking soda. You mix the dough. Next day you can bake. you can put in 125 g butter if you want. It will be more delicious. It will be nice too. I don't put in, because most of my gingerbreads are gifts, souvenirs and ornamental piece. It's ponderous without butter. Daub with milk before you bake it in owen, with fan, 175-180 Celsius,


      (fél kg porcukor = 0,5 kg powdered sugar)

Aniko, I'm wondering if I could re-post the recipe you posted above in the Recipes forum, and also place the link to your classes in the Resources forum. We'll leave them here too, but I think they'll get more visibility and be easier for others to find later if they are also placed in the appropriate forums. I can do this for you if you like this time, but please feel free to also post this kind of content in the forums in the future. It's very helpful. Thanks!

Dear Julia,
I Thank you very much for your help! I want to take my recipe, and my classes to analogical forums. ))
I will write to the forums in the future.

Your common page is great, and diversified! I like it, and I learn it! 


Hi, Aniko, I posted your recipe here: http://cookieconnection.juliau...niko-varga-ne-orba-n


And info about your classes here: http://cookieconnection.juliau...niko-varga-ne-orba-n


I basically just cut and pasted the information that you shared here, but take a look. If you'd like me to edit anything, just let me know. Thanks for sharing your expertise!