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Royal Icing and Fondant Pine Cones, Holly Leaves, and Berries

A Companion Video to My 3-D Christmas Candelabra Cookie

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At long last, the companion video to my 3-D candelabra cookie, where I show how to make very lifelike royal icing pine cones and curved royal icing holly leaves, among other things! I am so sorry I didn’t get this video to you before Christmas, but the good news is: these embellishments are great on any winter-themed cookie! Enjoy and TIA for sharing!

Special thanks to @Manu and @Aproned Artist for their curved royal icing leaf tutorials, which spurred me on to do this one!

You can find their tutorials here on Cookie Connection:
Fall Leaves and Acorns by Aproned Artist:
Water Lily and Lily Pad Transfers by Manu:

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Manu posted:

Stunning project and great videos (loved both of them!)

Thank you for the shout out! 

Thank you for the kind words - and for spurring me on to do curved leaves.

LisaF posted:

Absolutely amazing.  As always, thank you for all of the details and pointers.  Those pine cones are magnificent!!

Thank you! 

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