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Rustic Easter

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Liesbet posted:

Where do you get your inspiration, I would like to go search there too!

Thanks for this lovely comment! I normally get inspired by colors and start from there, in this case I had a lot of leftover brown. Additionally these cute mini cutters which I wanted to use. But I can never tell what the finished cookies will look like before I am done

Magadiuz posted:

Adorable! Everytime I recognize your style before reading your name! 

Magadiuz posted:

I would like to put another like... If only were possible! I love the colours, the butterflies, the bunnies, the photo .... And so on❤️❤️❤️

Double thanks

You do recognize my style? Please tell me - what is it? I have been wondering for a while and have come to the conclusion that I don't really have one. Obviously I am wrong *lol*

pip posted:

My gosh Laegwen you just keep cranking them out.   Well done.  Very well done.     Pip

Thanks a lot! This week was pretty uneventful so far, which leaves me more time for cookies