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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Amazing work!! I particularly love the shell and heart. Did you use molds to achieve the various small shells on the top of the cookies? Great idea

Yes! They are fondant and I used various molds! Thank you Carol.

Maria Ines Buckovecz posted:

OMGUSH this set is so beautiful! !!!

I love it 

Dolce Flo posted:

Incantevole set....

Martha Gomez Aceves posted:

Qué hermoso y elegante set!! Felicitaciones 

Teri Pringle Wood posted:

Om-gush! I love this set!!!

pip posted:

This is fabulous!  I like the setting you put them in as well. Superb job 

Econlady posted:


carouselselsel posted:


Kim Damon posted:

Fantastic set!!!

Valerie J posted:

Love it

Marimen posted:
I love the colours and the composition of this set
Evelindecora posted:

Wonderful!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Manu posted:

Simply beautiful.

Thank you so much, dear ladies. ❤️❤️❤️