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Here are the steps for the challenge- this was really fun! I wanted to try and add a 3D element for the brushed embroidery- I think it's pretty cool Lots of trial and error for such delicate pieces, but the finished effect was what I was going for. Thanks for the challenge



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I love how your brush embroidery "snow" perfectly captures the movement of the snowboarder. With that said, brush embroidery should be the dominant feature of the cookie (any other techniques or media that you use should be kept to a minimum, or omitted altogether) as per Rule #1 of the challenge. This is such a clever idea, and I would love to see you create a cookie that has brush embroidery snow as the dominant feature.

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So creative and beautifully done Sylvia @sylviawilson!! I love your idea to create a separate RI transfer for the wave effect. It creates a unique dimension that draws the viewer in. Love every aspect of this cookie. Thank you for all the wonderful images to help us see the processes involved in creating this beauty ❤️❤️

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