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Anne Marie Adams posted:

One can never have enough snowflakes and these ones are beautiful

Thank you yet again.  I can't tell you the difficult time I had with the large ones which of course, were my favorite.  Every time I picked one up to decorate, I broke it. I was SOOO upset.  Some of them, I was able to use RI to "glue" back together.

Bocaqueen posted:

A sorry, this should not be categorized as stenciled...I don't know how to edit to remove.


Toward the top right of this screen under POST click on Manage Clip, then on Edit Clip. There you can uncheck the Stenciled category... Nice job on those snowflakes

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

White and silver make such a perfect combination for snowflakes...yours are gorgeous!!

I am thrilled with your comment as I so admire your work!  Thank you and Happy New Year��

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