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Snowmen in Summer!
I always loved Christmas in July!

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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

What a fun twist on the Christmas in July theme . Love the set!!

Thank you Carol. My love of Christmas in July goes back to my childhood so it means a lot to me!

Ivette Soto posted:

Oh this are adorable! today I try my first attemp with crakle technique but dosnt get good results. Did you know a good tutorial about it? Congrats for the beautifull Cookies!!!

Thank you. Try this. If you need help just ask me!  http://zaxapenieseyxes.blogspo...-on-cookies.html?m=1

Zooks posted:

Love them!  Do you live in the Southern Hemisphere by any chance?

No,  born and breed Italian American from New Jersey living in Greece 32 years now!  Our best friends were Jewish and for some reason their daughter would do Christmas in July out at our summer home in Mattituck. Fond memories that always stayed with me. ��