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Spring Snowdrop Cookie - Another View!
By Julia M Usher; Link to Video Below!

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Econlady posted:

Is it just me, but I can’t like the clip.

There was a surprise site upgrade a day ago that I have not had time to tell people about. I will later tonight, though I may wait until they fix some glitches with it. All the "like" features can now be found under the smiley face icon under the photo (blue face to bottom left). They added a bunch of other possible reactions; you can select as many as you like. (The formatting around the reactions box needs to be fixed still, but I am working on that among other things.)

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 11.11.07 AM


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Econlady posted:

What is the first emoji?

I'm seeing these emojis for the first time as you are. It's a "100" for 100-percent. People use it a lot when they really like something. If I can reorder the emojis, I will, but please bear with me. This upgrade came as a surprise, and I am dealing with a ton of event cancellations right now on top of it. Thanks.

As I aready said for me your creation is TOP,unique,so gorgeous,love it,and thanks for explanation how you created the bulb❤️So creative,and to not forget Perfect Video on youtube

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