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Sugar Eggs . . . on Flower Cookies |Video by Manu

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Home made hollow sugar egg decorated with royal icing . . . on a flower cookie.

I have mixed ultrafine sugar and the “Extra Dark Chocolate” icing  mixture to make these eggs. It is the same icing used to make lace, but the chocolate kind, not the white one. I followed SugarVeil video tutorial where they show how to make these cast sugar eggs (Pastel colors with the white confectionery icing).

The eggs are filled with sweets and they are not hard to the bite once broken. The texture of the cookie (the base) gives balance to this special treat.



*You’ll find the tutorial by @SugarVeil to make white and colored sugar eggs here:

*Here’s the original video by SugarVeil from where I took inspiration:;igshid=7s7xp5anu8e9

*I used @Julia M. Usher  ’s dipping technique to flood the sugar eggs, the one that she uses for globes or rounded cookies. It is explained in her video here:

*Julia has many projects with cast sugar technique on her You Tube channel. I attached all the links below for reference, and for further inspiration!

How to Make Cast Sugar Easter Eggs with Edible Papers - Part 1 (The Outsides)
How to Make Cast Sugar Easter Eggs with Edible Papers - Part 2 (Assembly)
How to Cast (Mold) Sugar (aka Cast Sugar 101 - Part 1)
Cast Sugar 101 - Part 2 video (How to Repurpose Leftover Sugar):
Cast Sugar Container video:


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