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Tea Ceremony: Japanese style
Tea ceremony with summer sweets

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I went to Tea Party, it was the one you may imagine like the one with coffee and some cake.  However I made this traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony cookie for the host.

Japanese traditional room has the sliding doors that are made with wooden frame and paper.  Green tea is made by a host.  It is made in a tea bowl with green tea power, rather small portion of hot water with bamboo whisk.  It is served with some sweets that represent the season.   Most of the time, those sweets are served on Japanese paper called Kaishi.


I made the sliding doors, a tea bowl, a bamboo whisk, a pot for green power, bamboo spoon for green power and the sweets that show Japanese plum and hydrangea on my cookie.


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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

What a wonderful cookie design dear Ryoko @Ryoko ~Cookie Ave.!! I love that you honored the Japanese traditional tea ceremony ❤️

Hi Caron @Cookies Fantastique  thank you for your comment.

To tell you the truth, I am not really good at Japanese traditional tea ceremony, too complicated to remember all those rules 

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