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The Stockings Were Hung
Donated cookies for Christmas in St. Michaels

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This was another one of Julia’s stencils that I could have played around with forever. There were so many options and opportunities for embellishment. I added more bling after I took this photo. I included 15 of this style in my delivery and - thanks to Julia, no two were alike!

I think these are my fave so far, but all are great!

Thank you Julia. There were sooo many options here. I probably could have spent an hour on each one. You provided  so much to work with.

These are totally adorable! I love so much all those wonderful teeny tiny details on them♥️🎄❄️🎄♥️

Thank you Evelin. I’m really trying to work on my details. You’re definitely some of the inspiration for improving my detail work!

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