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I LOVE the inspiration, and this cookie is every bit as beautiful as the original! I like how you used a star tip design for your base, as it really gave your lines some serious boost and added lots of extra, intricate texture. I also love how you used all of the metallics, they really picked on on all of the finely-piped details. This is a terrific addition to the challenge!

Dragana posted:

I really enjoyed this challenge as I am very fond of this old overpiping style. 

My inspiration was old grandmother's mirror we still have 


Cookie is around 16 cm in height. 


Tips I used were Wilton Star Tip 17, 73 and Wilton Round Tip 4, 3, 2.

I only took one photo at the beginning ...



I LOVE process photos! THANK YOU for including these with your entry.

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