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Hello everyone,

I am very new to selling my cookies and am perplexed by how to determine what is equal to a dozen cookies when some are of the 4-5 " size and some are 2 " and then sizes in between.  And is a 4" tall cross considered a 4" cookie even though it has less mass than a 4" oval cookie?  I had my first cookie order ever for 2 dozen Easter cookies! I was so excited! But I actually ended up adding extra cookies because some of the chicks were only 2 inches. And then there were some 3 inches and 4 inches. Any advice or experiences anyone can share is appreciated! 

I sold the cookies for $24 a dozen. They were in individual cellophane bags, just tied at the top with ribbon and placed in a nice windowed box. Overall it was an awesome experience to be handed $$ for doing a fun project. Some were more detailed and some were fairly simple. But I digress. Anyway , thanks for any advice on cookie sizes you can give. I look forward to the responses  and hope this is in the correct topic area.  




Grape House Cookies

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This is a great place for this topic! Thanks for posting! It sounds though that you need advice about pricing rather than what constitutes a dozen of cookies. Pricing is a function of cookie size, of course, but the greater driver of price is complexity of design (as decorating time can be quite long for more complex designs). Our site has a number of great blog posts about cookie pricing. I've posted two below to help get you started:


Best of luck!

I would simply state that a dozen cookies features so many in size range A (I call them showcase cookies) and so many size range B (accent cookies), or something like that. Like Julia said, I don't think it's really a matter of what constitutes a dozen rather that you are clear with the customer about what they are getting and for what price. $24 for a dozen cookies seems on the cheap side to me but truly does depend on complexity.

Thank you both for your responses. Juiia, I will read the links you posted and Surly Cookies thank you too. The showcase cookies and accent cookies make sense.  And I suppose the $24 is on the cheap side but wasn't sure my work is quality enough to go higher. And I am pretty slow at decorating as I am still learning.  I will try and post a coupe of pics here if I can. Thanks again! The egg houses were inspired by http://cakecreationsforyou.blo...e-for-bunny.html?m=1 

The he truck cookies were inspired by this tutorial -



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