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Occasionally, I advertise on Etsy, then I'll check the stats...I always wonder if the stats really measure up...


What do you all do on Etsy? Is there a trick to getting your pics at the front of the search ad list??

Susan Dobbs

The Tailored Cookie®

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People discuss this topic pretty frequently on the Etsy forums and the consensus is that search ads are a waste of money. Most people say that they don't increase sales. 


For me, working on my titles and tags really helped move my listings up in the search. Long titles with many key words helps a lot. 

I just wanted to clarify that those of you whom have shops on Etsy ... are not subject to the Cottage Food Laws?  I am a little confused.  My understanding of my local new bill (ie Texas Baker's Bill) was that we were still not allowed to sell on Etsy.  


Or is it that you guys 'advertise' on Etsy and people have to make inquiries with you directly rather than offering the 'click and buy' which we in Texas are not allowed to do? 


Am I understanding this right?  Completely confused! 

I don't know about Texas, but I do know that Florida's Cottage Food Act DOES NOT allow online selling. LOTS of people ignoring it. I'm completely licensed/ certified/insured and it costs a lot of money to be completely legal...which is why, I guess so many people choose to risk it.


I have seen LOTS of shops on Etsy that are illegal as per the Cottage Food Act...not sure the rules in every state.

Here's this topic discussed on the Texas Cottage Food Law website FAQ's.  It's pretty clear that the way ETSY functions would be a violation.


"Q41. Can I sell my items on the internet?


Q42.  No internet sales?  Does this mean I can't have a web site?

Answer: You CAN have a web site, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.  You can use whatever method of promoting your business that you want to.  You simply can't allow the purchase to take place over the internet, such as setting up a shopping cart and letting customers "click and buy" on your web site, or a shop on Etsy or eBay.  This ensures that the spirit of the bill is upheld: local, face-to-face sales, where the customer knows the person who made their food." 

I just checked on this in Kansas when renewing my license today!  My license allows me to sell online like on etsy but my inspector said I will need to keep very detailed records of all ingredients, including brand name, date purchased, etc. plus include the item weight.  I will have to think twice about this because I haven't kept record of brands of flour and where it was purchased.  I buy what is on sale and replenish my canister as needed. Something to think about regardless of selling online though.  Does anyone else record this data?

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