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Hi there, I am still trying to get the hang of's been frustrating : (

I am curious to know if anyone sees a difference in the way your airbrushed color settles on your cookie when the base color has been air dried vs a cookie that has been dried by fan. I usually dry my cookies with a fan, which leaves a glossy finish, but when I have tried to airbrush them the color seems to puddle up. I try to be careful with not letting out too much color at once. I am still getting used to my machine. I recently air brushed a cookie that was air dried, which leaves a more matted finish, and the color seemed to stick perfectly. Maybe just luck?? Wondering if I should plan on air drying cookies the night before if I know I am going to air brush them.. How does everyone else dry their cookies that they plan on airbushing??  Thank You!!

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I've had the same experience. The glossier the finish (i.e., if speed-dried by a fan or in a dehydrator), the more the coloring can bead up on the surface. This hasn't been a huge problem for me, but I do notice a difference, so I try to spray more slowly/less liberally when I've speed-dried cookies.

Interesting... I'd never thought about it this way before.

I use Sweet P's recipe that has corn syrup and glycerin in it.  It's a little more shiny and softer to bite into. 

Do you think that airbrushing on top of icing with these ingredients will have the same effect (color not "sticking") as airbrushing on a fan/dehydrator dried cookie?



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