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Tutorialist?! Hmmm . . .  well, perhaps I did make up that word. Anywho, I have some great news for you!

I'm thrilled to announce that Laegwen, aka Leoni Eckart, has officially joined our Cookie Connection contributors team as of this month. After she submitted two outstanding decorating tutorials to the site two months in a row, completely unprompted and out of the goodness of her own heart, I decided to see if she wanted to get a formal Cookie Connection title in exchange for all of her hard work. Fortunately for me (and us), she said "yes"! 

Expect to see cookie decorating tutorials from Leoni under the Get Inspired category of the blog every other month! Her posts will be focused on her personal experiments with gumpaste, royal icing, and other cookie decorating materials and methods. 

Her first official Get Inspired post went live today (here), and is all about how to make the lovely bejeweled floral and fabric cookies, featuring gumpaste, that you see below.


I hope you'll stop by to check out her inaugural post and to say congrats! You can also read a bit more about Leoni (and put a face to her name) in her contributors bio below.

Leoni Eckart, aka Laegwen, contributes every other month to Get Inspired with Laegwen, a series of cookie decorating tutorials that follow her personal experiments with gumpaste, royal icing, and other cookie decorating materials and methods. Leoni started her baking career way before her own memory sets in, decorating Christmas cookies with her mother (at least that's what she's been told!), and has never entirely stopped puttering around in the kitchen since. Her first decorated cookies as an adult were her own wedding favors, and then, over Christmas 2014, her cookie fever went into overdrive! As of present, it shows no signs of cooling off.

Photo and cookie credits: Leoni Eckart


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  • Wedding Cookies: Cookies and photo by Laegwen
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