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Woo hoo! Our 2018 CookieCon Speakers Series continues (and concludes) with our last (but not least) CookieCon instructor live chat. On November 3 at 10 am central time, we're meeting up with none other than Katy Metoyer of Sugar Dayne, perhaps best known for her avant-garde, impressionistic seaside-themed cookies, like the beauties pictured below. Since 2017, she's also been the proud operator of a brick-and-mortar cookie shop, which I suspect we'll learn a lot more about during the chat! I'm so thrilled to be hosting Katy, as I've admired her work for a long time, but have never had the good fortune of meeting her!

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As always before these chats, I encourage you to do your homework, so we can take best advantage of our limited time with our guest. To that end, please check out Katy's bio and various links, below, and start dreaming up those questions that you're dying to have her answer. If you can't make the chat at the appointed time, no worries! Katy's chat room is now open, and you can enter questions in advance at any time. Simply click on this link, and follow the posting instructions at the top of the page that opens up.

BTW, this chat room link is the same one to use if you plan to attend the live chat on November 3. Just remember that, to interact with the live chat (i.e., to post questions and comments), you must become a member of Cookie Connection, at least temporarily. If you're not a member, the site is simple (and free!) to join. Simply click on the "Join Now" link under the "About This Site" widget on the right side of the home page.

Now, onto Katy's bio . . .

KatyCroppedKaty Metoyer. After seeing a platter of decorated cookies at a party, Katy was intrigued and started learning all she could about this newfound world of cookies. After experiencing a sudden loss, Katy dove into cookies as a sort of therapy, opening herself up to new possibilities, friendships, and adventures. In 2017, she opened her brick-and-mortar shop, Sugar Dayne Cookies.

Katy lives in Hermosa Beach, California, USA. She is a wife and a mom to two boys. When she's not in her cookie studio, she loves paddle-boarding to visit her town's resident whale, skating, going to the beach, and watching her son play baseball.

Katy claims to be “no artist”, and she doesn’t do cookies for the recognition, fame, or popularity. She does them to express herself and help herself heal through decoration, but mostly to bond with her cookie friends. 

To learn more about Katy, please check out her website and Instagram page.

Photo and cookie credits: Katy Metoyer

Again, Katy's chat room is now open to receive questions in advance. Check it out here, and please also join us on chat day via this same link! We look forward to "seeing" you there!


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