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Hi, all! The following HUGE opportunity just crossed my computer, and I wanted to share. Eleven years ago, when I wrote my first cookie book, I predicted that the decorated cookie would be the next cupcake! I just never thought we'd have to wait this long . . . but, yay, how great is this?! Cookies are finally hitting mainstream media! And 3-D cookies, my fave, at that! First, my 3-D Cookie Art Competition last month (also to air on Food Network) and now this! 

Why not give it a go?

For more information about the show and how to apply, please visit All questions should be sent to

Cookie Wars Flyer


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Pattyspleasures posted:

LOL, I was just going to check to see if you'd heard about this yet


Yeah, I've known about for a bit. Lots of personal stuff and heavy workload here, so there was a delay in me posting it.

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