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October isn't just National Cookie Month, it's new book season! Each year, in both spring and fall (usually October and November), an onslaught of new books hits the virtual shelves of Amazon and the real ones of Barnes and Noble and local book stores. In good years, this onslaught might include one or two cookie decorating books, tops.

But . . . as it turns out, there are at least five new cookie books this season - more proof-positive that the cookie is the new cupcake!


While I'm only intimately familiar with one of these books (the Hallmark edition of my book Cookie Swap ), I've highlighted the others of which I'm aware. Among them all, there's a little something for every occasion and skill level. Check 'em out by clicking on each link below.


And while you're at it, hop on over to my giveaway in celebration of my Hallmark launch. Even if you've got a copy of the original Cookie Swap, this streamlined version makes a charming little holiday hostess gift.


In alphabetical order by author's last name . . .


Decorating Cookies Party by Bridget Edwards



You Can't Judge A Cookie By Its Cutter by Patti Paige (Mmmm . . . love this title!)



Cookies by Peggy Porschen



101 Animal Cookies by Lisa Snyder



Cookie Swap by Julia M Usher (Hallmark edition, only available in Hallmark stores)



May you savor every crumb of cookie info in these books! Happy National Cookie Month!


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  • Decorating Cookies Party: By Bridget Edwards
  • You Can't Judge A Cookie By Its Cutter: By Patti Paige
  • Cookies: By Peggy Porschen
  • 100 Animal Cookies: By Lisa Snyder
  • Cookie Swap (Hallmark Edition): By Julia M Usher
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