Hello, Hallmark! National Cookie Month Giveaway #1

Well, I've got a bit of exciting news - for me and for you! Admittedly, this announcement feels a little anticlimactic, as I've been privy to this information for close to a year. Around about January, my book Cookie Swap, first published in 2009, was licensed to Hallmark for a bit of re-gifting, if you will. Basically, a second crack at sitting on bookstore shelves - which can be a very good thing for starving authors like me. (If you don't know the premise behind the original book, it basically advocates for cookie swaps not just at Christmas, but every time of year! More here.)


As for the licensing idea: Condense the chapters a touch, put a Christmassy spin on the cover and packaging (i.e., red bow, pine sprig, and tag), and feature it as the perfect holiday hostess gift in Hallmark store across the US and Canada!


Well, all that's been done, I've received my advance copies, and October 4 - about a week ago today - was the official launch date in stores! (To find the Hallmark store closest to you, check out this handy Hallmark store locator. Also to note: many Hallmark stores are independent retailers and it's up to them whether to carry a certain Hallmark product or not. So it's best to call first to check availability.)



Revamped Hallmark edition book jacket, featuring vintage-2009 cookie box by moi, sans red bow, pine sprig, and tag. Image by Steve Adams.



All tied up with ribbon and pine sprig. Plus, a fab Cookie Connection tote bag! Image by Julia M Usher.



The Hallmark team really did a nice job with the packaging. There's even a special bookplate page inside where you can inscribe the book. Image by Julia M Usher.


Enough about me! Here's where you come in!


To celebrate National Cookie Month and the book launch (or re-launch, as is really more accurate), I'll be giving away a copy of the book and an exclusive Cookie Connection canvas tote (pictured above) to each of two winners ($40 retail value each, with shipping anywhere included).


All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Share this post (using the links at the very bottom of the post) on as many social networks as possible! (Pssst . . . I'll never be able to verify that you did this, but I'll deeply appreciate any and all spreading of the word.)
  2. In the comments area below, tell me to whom you will give this book, and why, if you should win it. (Note: You must be a Cookie Connection member to comment here. To join, simply go to the home page of this site, click on "Join Community" in the upper left, and follow the prompts.)
  3. Do all of the above no later than October 18, 2014 (5 pm central).

At that time, the giveaway will close, and I'll randomly draw two people from among the commenters to receive the prizes. If you don't win this time, there should be an ample stash of books at your neighborhood Hallmark store* (hint, hint ) and maybe - just maybe - I'll be doing another giveaway. (Note the #1 in the giveaway title!)


Best of luck!


* Again, it's best to call your local store first to check availability, as not all stores may carry it.


P.S. Interested in other new cookie books hitting bookstore shelves during National Cookie Month? Check out this related post.




Thanks, everyone, for participating and helping to spread the word about my new book. It looks like three very young bakers will be the recipients of these books judging from the two winning comments (#12 and #34 from Jan Mac and Kelcy Workman, respectively) below. Aspiring bakers are my favorite kinds of winners!


JanMac - Comment 12

Kelcy Workman - Comment 34


Congrats, ladies (and daughters)! I'll be contacting you in few to get your mailing addresses!


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I agree with most of the comments here: it would be pretty hard not to keep it for myself! Although, on the bright side, that would mean lots of new cookies I'd be giving away to family and friends, so they'd probably be OK with that. But if there's anyone I would give it to, it would be my Mum, who passed on her passion for baking and taught me everything she knows about baking. I kind of owe her.

Oh how wonderful Julia. Congratulations. It really does look quite special with the ribbon, sprig and tag.
Before I joined Cookie Connection, I had to check out who you were (remember I'm 0,000's of miles awayin NZ) and I was really interested in the ideas behind this book - you have refreshed it in my mind- thank you.
My Daughter Emily (almost 11) has a growing kitchen book collection and is proving to be quite the talented cookier (from watching me surreptitiously I might add) and it would make a wonderful addition for her to 'grow' into.
Off to start sharing Thanks, Kat